Attract Screen  - This attract screen will continue to loop until an experience is chosen.

Attract Screen - This attract screen will continue to loop until an experience is chosen.

LIUNA Station's Holiday Social Booth

The Social Booth is a Still, GIF and Boomerang creating machine!  This compact Social Booth is perfect for creating fun digital content, which guests can share on the spot across their favourite social media platforms.

A branded suite for your Holiday Social Booth has been created and examples can be seen on this page.  Your branded suite comes complete with custom layouts, animated attract screen, experience buttons, microsite, and emails. In addition to the branded digital suite, the booth can be vinyl wrapped!



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Stills, Gifs, Boomerangs and animated Overlays

GIFs and Boomerangs are the latest trend made popular by social sites like Instagram and Facebook.  If a picture is worth a thousand words than GIFs and Boomerangs are worth a million.  Because the Social Booth is digital, animated overlays can be used with all three experiences.


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Your branded microsite allows your guests access to all the Stills/GIF's/Boomerangs in an online mini gallery.  The microsite lets guests download and share to their social sites.  Face match software lets guests find their experiences quickly. 

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The Holiday Social Booth has a digital prop option similar to the ones seen on social media platforms. Christmas props can be created for you and added to the booth experience.  

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Booth Wrap

The Social Booth has a solid black metal body.  Full booth wrap branding is possible and a custom vinyl wrap can be added to your hire.  


LIUNA Holiday Social booth

$2400 + hst

Booth Location & Analytics

The Christmas tree in the lobby is the ideal location for this Social Booth. I'd like to suggest adding the red carpet and stanchions to the booth location to attract additional attention and create visual appeal. Guests are constantly taking photos in-front of the tree, lets use this opportunity to provide guests with a branded experience that they can share and one we can quantify with analytics. 

The Social Booth can capture guest information, it tracks total shares, most viewed and advanced vision analytics (number of males & females, age ranges, average group size).

Included in your booking:

  • 30 Day Social Booth
  • Digital output text & e-mailed to guests
  • Custom suite already created: Microsite, animated attract screen,  e-mail, Still, GIF and Boomerang layouts and animated overlay 
  • Analytics

Additional options:

  • Booth wrap - $400
  • Custom animated attract screen - $175
  • Additional layouts - $65
  • Additional animated overlays - $75
  • Christmas Digital Props - $65
  • Five custom digital props - $95
  • NYE custom suite - Change over the Social Booth from holiday to NYE - Microsite, animated attract screen, e-mail, layouts and animated overlay - $350

Interested in providing clients with a Holiday social Booth?

Three Hour Social Booth - $550

$1155 Value


You can choose to sell the social booth as an all inclusive package or upsell each individual item.  My charges for services are listed, how you choose to package and price it is up to you. 

    Items included:

    • Three hour run time
    • Digital content text & e-mailed to guests
    • Still, GIF and Boomerang
    • Image layouts 
    • Digital Christmas props
    • Microsite

    Additional Options Available:

    • Booth wraps - $400
    • Additional layouts - $65
    • Animated overlays - $75
    • Five custom digital props - $95
    • Additional booth hours - $75
    • Custom Suite - Microsite, animated attract screen, e-mail, layouts and animated overlay - $350


    Social Booth Suites

    Five different holiday themed suites are available for your clients. They can choose the suite they would like and the company logo/name will be adjusted accordingly, or have a custom suite created for their event.  Please feel free to express your interest if you would like to discuss this option further.


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