The Social Booth

A Social Booth is an open-air digital content photo booth.    Your Social Booth is capable of creating a Still, GIF and Boomerang experience.  This style of booth is great because guests can really have some fun creating memorable interactive experiences that guests can care on the spot! (1).gif

Stills, Gifs & Boomerangs

The Social Booth allows guests to create fun Still, GIF and Boomerang experiences and all three are included in your booth hire. Additional layouts can be added and custom layouts can be created.


Chronicle Website Boom.gif

Animated Overlays

Animated overlays are great at adding pop to images.  Because the booth is digital, animated overlays can be used with all three experiences.  

Chronicle Microsite.gif


A wonderful way to see all the images and fun captured in the Social Booth is within a microsite.  The microsite is a branded mini gallery containing all the content created in your Social Booth and can be password protected. Using facial recognition technology guests can find all their experiences quickly.



Guests have fun with props so it's no wonder you have more than a couple options.  The Social Booth has digital prop options similar to the ones seen on social media platforms. Use any of the existing prop options or have some created for you! 

Traditional items like lips, moustaches, hats, glasses & boas are always a hit.  Themed props are available as well as quote bubbles.  All props are upgrades and priced individually.
Premium backdrops.jpg


The Social Booth doesn't come with a backdrop however premium backdrops are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a Social Booth booking?

  • 3 hour Social Booth run time

  • Digital output e-mailed or text to guests

  • Choose One - Still, GIF or Boomerang

Additional Options:

  • Custom animated attract screen

  • Additional layouts

  • Animated overlays

  • Booth wraps

  • Microsite

  • Digital props

  • Traditional and themed props

  • Quote bubbles

  • Additional booth hours

  • Premium backdrop

  • Sessions available for digital download


What are GIF's & Boomerangs?

GIFs and boomerangs are the latest trend made popular by social sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  If a picture is worth a thousand words than GIFs and Boomerangs are worth a million.  A standard GIF consists of 3 or 4 images looping together non-stop to create an exciting stop animation video.  GIFs are automatically generated after photo-taking for instant sharing. The first image box at the top of the page is a GIF.

Boomerangs are fun, dynamic, and in high-demand right now.  They work by taking a quick burst of photos, which are then stitched together to create a looped video clip that plays forward and backward over and over.  The second image box from the top of the page is a Boomerang.


What are some of your requirements for the Social Booth at a venue?

The Social Booth is a self-contained standing unit, which takes up a minimal amount of space.  If you choose to use physical props and a backdrop, the minimum space required is 10x10x10 feet.  A standard electrical outlet within 10ft of the booth is needed and ideally is NOT shared with any power-hungry devices.


When do you set up?

We arrive a minimum of 1 hour before the booth start time.


What kind of events do you service?

Weddings, Bridal showers, Corporate activations, Festivals, Fundraisers, Charitable events, Christmas parties, Graduations, Birthdays.......just about anything!


How do I secure my booking and what is the payment schedule?

Hit the "Create a Reservation" button below. You will be contacted with date availability and a 3-day reservation hold.  Everything can be done via e-mail, so it’s super easy.

Follow the step above. Once the contract is signed and the retainer is received, the Social Booth is booked!

The retainer can me made through Paypal’s online secure credit card processing system.  Paypal is internationally recognized as being a safe and secure way to make online payment transactions. E-transfers are also accepted.

You can choose to pay the remaining balance in instalments or all at once, as long as the remainder is paid in full 30 days prior to your event.  If you are booking within 30 days of your event, the full balance is required to book the date.