Green Screen

Green screen is magic! We are truly only limited by our imagination.


Still,Gif & Boomerang

 Create an experience your guests will want to share! After guests experiences are captured they can instantly be shared via text or e-mail.



The microsite is a mini gallery containing all the experiences created in the Social Booth. 

Experience a branded microsite

Animated overlay, boomerang and green screen

Animated overlay, boomerang and green screen

available features

  • Branded microsite

  • Experience text or e-mailed to guests

  • Custom start screen

  • Custom experience layout

  • Still, GIF & Boomerang

  • 2x6 prints

  • 4x6 prints

  • 5x5 prints

  • Animated overlays

  • Animated attract screen

  • Digital Props

  • Digital download of image files


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