Studio Booth Options

Open the option pages questionnaire in it's own tab and use this page to help navigate the questionnaire. 

Print Template

2x6 strips are included in your booth hire.  Choose your template layout from one of the layouts options below. 

4x6 prints are an upgrade.  If you have chosen to upgrade your prints please choose one of the 4x6 layout options below.

I'd like to customize the print layout, please send any graphics and information you would like incorporated into the template.  

2x6 Template

2x6 Printing.jpg

4x6 Template

4x6 Printing.jpg


 Premium backdrops -  included in your Studio Booth hire, choose one of the options below.


Traditional Props - Items like lips, moustaches, hats, glasses & boas.  Choose your prop colours,  I find a mix of three looks best.

Prop Colours.jpg

Themed Props - Props based on a chosen theme. General props are also added into the mix. So if you have chosen to upgrade to themed props please provide the theme and chose your prop colours.


Quote Bubbles - These are one of my favourite props. You can roll the dice and choose "I'm a Gambler" and receive a mix of ten different quote bubbles. Or you can choose "I'm in control" and tell me exactly what you want your ten bubbles to say.


If you have chosen to add an album please choose your cover colour, both outside and inside.

Outside Cover

Album - Outside Cover.jpg

Inside Cover

Album - Inside Cover.jpg