Social Booth Options

Open the option questionnaire in it's own tab and use this page to help navigate the questionnaire.   If you don't remember what options you chose for your booth head to your Client Lounge and open your quote or invoice.


Choose one layout for your still and choose one layout to be used for the GIF & Boomerang.

GIF & Boomerang layouts can also be used for your  still image.

I'd like to customize the print layout, please send any graphics and information you would like incorporated into the template.  

Social booth layout.jpg

I Heart Beer.gif

Animated Overlay

Custom animated overlays can be created for you.  Provide design information in the section provided.  Animated overlays are not included and are an additional option.

LIUNA Attract Screen .gif

Animated Attract Screen


Custom attract screens can be added to your booth experiences.  They run on a continuous loop until an experience is chosen.



 Premium backdrops are an upgrade option.  If you have chosen to include a premium backdrop pick one of the options below.


All props are priced individually. If you have decided to include props to your booth hire, fill out the sections which apply.

New Liuna.gif

Digital Props -The Social Booth has digital props!  Choose from one of the available themes or have custom digital props created. 


Prop Colours.jpg

Traditional Props - Items like lips, moustaches, hats, glasses & boas.  Choose your prop colours,  I find a mix of three looks best.

Lindsay & Gregory-169.jpg

Themed Props - Props based on a chosen theme. General props are also added into the mix. So if you have chosen to upgrade to themed props please provide the theme and chose your prop colours.


Quote Bubbles - These are one of my favourite props. You can roll the dice and choose "I'm a gambler" and receive a mix of ten different quote bubbles. Or you can choose "I'm in control" and tell me exactly what you want your ten bubbles to say.